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Eicher 380 / आयशर 380

Per piece

Product details
No. Of Cylinder


HP Category

40 HP


34 HP

Gear Box

8 Forward + 2 Reverse


Dry Disc / Oil Immersed Brakes (optional)


2000 Hour or 2 Year

Eicher 380 Other Features



Single/Dual clutch



Mechanical/Power Steering (optional)/

Lifting Capacity


1650 Kg

Wheel drive


2 WD

Engine Rated RPM



About Eicher 380

Eicher 380 is one of the popular 2WD tractor range from the leading tractor brand Eicher. This 2wd tractor is known for its advanced features, premium performance, and reasonable price range. It is a fuel-efficient tractor with powerful engine configurations. 

With the latest engine specifications, this tractor model is highly reliable for simple fields and complex terrains. The price of Eicher 380 is between Rs. 6.10 lakhs to Rs. 6.40 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Price). This farm vehicle is highly reliable for performing a range of farming activities such as sowing, planting, tilling, puddling, harvesting, hauling, and more. This powerful tractor can be used for agricultural, utility or other commercial purposes.

Eicher 380 Tractor Engine Capacity

Eicher 380 is a 40-Hp tractor with 34 PTO Hp3 cylinders and 2500 CC engine capacity that can generate 2150 engine-rated RPM. This 2WD drive has a high-performing engine with a 4-stage oil bath air filter and water-cooling technology that prevents overheating and supports long-field operations.

The engine of the Eicher 380 is highly efficient and offers decent mileage when driven on simple fields to rigid terrains. This 2wd tractor engine is highly productive and functions well even during difficult agricultural operations.

How much HP does a Eicher 380 Have?

Eicher 380 is a 40 HP tractor with 34 PTO that gives excellent mileage and speed on road. This HP range gives superior mileage and on and off road efficiency. And the robust PTO Hp allows smooth attachment and functioning of any farm implements of choice.

The engine of this tractor is highly efficient when used for cultivating or performing hauling activities around the farm field. The Eicher 380 price is reasonable for Indian farmers given the advanced engine configuration and field performance it delivers.

Eicher 380 Technical Specification

Eicher 380 has a range of high-performing technical specifications, making it a high-performing and efficient 2WD drive. 

  • Eicher 380 is a 40-hp tractor with 34 HP PTO with a 6-spline setup.
  • This tractor has a 10-speed gearbox with 8 forward + 2 reverse gears that offer a top speed of 30.8 Kmph in forwarding gears.
  • It has a single or dual-clutch that provides a smooth drive.
  • It has a fuel-efficient tractor with 3 cylinders engine unit and an engine capacity of 2500 CC.
  • It comes with a fuel tank capacity of 45 litres that works well in long hours of field operation.
  • It has disc/oil immersed brakes which provide great traction on different fields and terrain.
  • It has a strong ADDC hydraulic control that can lift up to 1200 kg effortlessly.
  • It has smooth mechanical and power steering, providing comfortable rides on every turn.

What are Eicher 380 Features?

Eicher 380 Super Power tractor has many features which make it the most liked tractor among Indian farmers. It is a powerful 1,980 kg tractor that offers reliable features for great field performance. It is a 2WD drive with an overall length of 3,660 mm and a width of 1740 mm, and has a 1,905 mm wheelbase. It has a 390 MM ground clearance

This 2WD drive comes with additional accessories such as tools, top link, and bumper. It offers disc/oil immersed brakes that provide a 3250 mm turning radius. It has a robust tyre with a size of 6 X 16 for the front and 13.6 X 28 size for the rear. Mechanical/power steering (optional) features provide a fast response during the operation. It also has fuel tank capacity of 45-litres.

What is the Eicher Tractor 380 price?

The Eicher 380 price is between Rs.6.10 - 6.40 Lakh (Ex-Showroom Price). The price of the Eicher 380 tractor is quite reasonable as it offers a range of quality features and experience in the field. Indian farmers and individuals can consider buying this as the price is nominal given its advanced technology and applications it can perform. Enquire about the Eicher tractor 380 price list with us. 

The on-road price of this two wheel drive may differ from the showroom price according to your state. 

Eicher 380 Warranty

This 2wd tractor comes with an assured warranty of 2000 hr/2 year which makes it a trusted and reliable buy for Indian farmers.

Why Should I Consider Buying Eicher 380?

Wondering why is Eicher 380 Tractor best? Eicher 380 is a premium-quality tractor model from the Eicher brand that offers a lot of advanced features and robust performance on the field. This 2wd drive is highly versatile, durable, and reliable for performing a range of farming activities. It effectively helps perform a range of farming operations such as land levelling, ploughing, seeding, planting, cultivation, harvesting, hauling, and more. It is one of the finest choices for farmers who are looking to increase their work efficiency and farm productivity.

This tractor model works well with a range of tractor implements of choice, such as rotavator, plough, seed drill, harrow, land leveller, and more. Besides effective technical specifications, this 2WD drive has a rich exterior and interior, making it attractive to look at. You get an ergonomic seat, leg and steering space that makes the drive comfortable and fatigue-free. Eicher 380 provides maximum efficiency and productivity in the field as it hosts multiple innovative features and specifications that are apt for farmers' specific needs.

Why Tractor Junction for Eicher 380?

Tractor Junction is a single marketplace that lets you review Eicher 380 prices, images, specifications, reviews, features, and demo videos to help you compare and buy the best.

With our platform, you get complete information about this 2wd Eicher tractor model to make an informed purchase. We help you connect with the verified dealers near you and as well provide complete details on service centres of this tractor near you.


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